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An assisted living facility is a residential program for individuals who need help with daily activities, such as personal care, mobility, medications, meal preparation for household chores, but who do not require skilled nursing care.  Assisted living communities strive to create a home-like setting that promotes independence.  Nursing homes on the other hand are designed for people who need daily nursing care. These facilities have nursing staff available 24 hours a day, and have arranged services (social work, occupational and physical therapies etc.) to meet the residents health care needs.

The cause varies from $1000 to $6000/month depending on the facilities features, size, location and the services provided

The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) has licensed Prevail Homes Residential Assisted Living Facility for 8 bed Facility. Prevail Homes Residential Assisted Living facility has a standard license.

If your mother/father is admitted to the assisted living facility, she/he can continue to live there when her/his health declines as long as her/his care needs are not greater than the highest level of care for which the facility is licensed.  If, however, their needs are greater than the facility license requirement she will likely need to move to an assisted living facility that allows higher level of care or possibly be transferred to a nursing home.

First, choose a facility that is right for your parents.  Carefully read the Resident Agreement, the contract list all of the services that will be provided, the fees and the responsibilities of all parties.  Make sure you understand what services are provided and all the fees that may be charged.  Ask your physician to complete a physical examination form and submit it to the assisted living facility you have chosen.  Make sure the facility is licensed for the level of care your parents need. Once the steps are taken and all the documents are signed and any initial fees are paid, your parents may move and when there is a vacancy.

We know your pet is an important member of the family.  There are several assisted living facilities that allow pets. Prevail Homes Residential Assisted Living Facility does not allow pets to move with residents.

We are sensitive to the health needs of all of our residents.  Prevail Homes Residential Assisted Facility is a non-smoking environment.  There are some assisted living facilities that do offer dedicated areas for residents and their guests to smoke.

Prevail Homes Residential Assisted Living Facility

Per SB8988-No Patient Left Act


The purpose of this policy is to allow residents to have visitation when the facility has 2 or more covid positive cases. Everyone visiting the resident must follow procedures outlined.


1. Visitation hours will be from 9am-9pm

2. Visitation must be scheduled with the facility by phone or email prior to arrival to the community.

3. 2 people maximum to visit the resident at a time.

4. Person visiting must:

  • Have their temperature checked at the door prior to entering the building.
  • Visitation questionnaire answered.
  • Review infection control education materials provided upon entry.
  • Visitor must wear facemask and be free from COVID/Flu like symptoms.
  • Must wash/sanitize hands.

5. After visitation, the area will be disinfected by staff members.

6. Any 3rd party personal providing care to residents, MUST wear a mask, screened at the door and MUST NOT have any COVID/FLU like symptoms prior to visiting resident to provide care.

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